The Best Mom Ever with the Best Dad Ever

Sandy Gr. Show - Thanks!


Von Mom Cinquo de Mayo gathering

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"A farewell bid to all"

"When I am gone,
Release me, let me go
I have so many things the Almighty wants me to see and do.
You mustn't grieve with too many tears;
Be happy we had so many awesome memorable years.
I give you my deepest love,
You can only guess how much you gave to me in happiness.
I thank you for the unconditional love
You have shown me;
But now itís time I travel the new dimensions alone.
So grieve a little while for me,
If grieving helps you with what must.
Then let your grief be comforted by trust.
It's only for a while that we must infinitely part,
So bless the memories within your genuine heart.
I wonít be far away for life goes on without delay.
So if you need me,
Call my spirit and I will be near.
And if you listen with your heart,
Youíll hear
All my love and spirit around you,
Soft and clear.
And when you must come this way along,
Iíll greet you with a Smile,
And "Welcome Home". "

May 5th
FAMILY PICS with flowers in the backyard .. courtesy of Marla and Patrick. nice job Marla! Out f town Yandalls leaving San Diego Wed 5-6-2009. Michael, Fred and kids ..... all leaving!

May 4th - Pictures coming from Charlie

May 3rd

Texas Hold'em planned 11am. 10 bucks in.

May 2nd

Mike and Fred/Ann arrive. Served up flank steak with mom's teriyaki inspired recipe. Tila/Loiusa and kids/grandkids. Russ and Myrt, Vel, Dawn, Donald, Michael, Chaz, Lesley, Eki, Nicky, Lika, Yvonne, Patrick, Marla, Marcus all enjoyed an evening on the wii/sing-a-long game.

May 3rd - Big back yard gathering. Donald's limes and mango marinade was awesome! Good eats. Mom's spirit is with the good food is here! afa's potato salad was awesome. he put crab in it! yummeee. eppe brought mexican food treats thru the weekend too. she's a trooper!

May 2 - Big back yard gathering. chris' teriyaki mango marinade rocked!~

May 1 - Chris grills up chicken/brats and potatos. chaz arrived

April 30th

10:56pm Chris notes that Vel and Myrt spent a good part of the afternoon preparing dads room. We're preparing the backyard for weekend festivities. All the old beds have been taken out. Chris got mom's leftover morphine. need a pool table for dad. a good one! fred, mike, chaz will complete the famidamily this weekend when they get in all by satuday. tila will make sure the beer will flow the way god intended it to. moana will perform a samoan celebration of life tahitian dance on saturday. Margie will do a show demonstrating how 60 year olds do the hula.

11:51am PST
Myrt, eki, vel, afa, tila and luisa here . tila will make sure the beer will flow the way god intended it to.

MOM will be cremated 3pm this afternoon. Ash pickup tomorrow May 1st.

eki and myrt decided the schedule and its posted above.

all yandall's and the dearest just need to call for a place to stay if you travel from out of town.


April 29th

1:34pm afa, mo, rick, eki, patrick here. if you wanna view mom before she heads to the morgue, get over here before 8pm tonight.

12:03pm mo and rick are here with chicken and beers. vel is cleaning the place like a madwoman. epi is helping with the after math. mom is still in the front room with her laid-to-rest quilt.

10:00am Father showed up and vel, dad, chris, eki and mom prayed for each other.

9:00 am Grandma passed away this morning in her sleep(around 4:30am) . Uncle Afa, Uncle Eki, Lesley, Epi and I (Vel) are all here. Chris was on his way back from OC and showed up at 9:10. Preparations are still being figured out, we will let everyone know when the services will be. Aunt Myrt flies in this afternoon, Uncle Fred Sandy and Sarah tomorrow morning, Dad comes in Thursday afternoon.

12:24am y0. dad. i'm up in L.A. will be back later on today :D you can reach me at this number. woops. left my phone there again :(

April 28

5:52pm Marla, Patrick, Marcus arrived. Moana and Rick too right this moment. Hi Marcus!

5:17pm Dad eating a banana and cleaning up the back patio for this weekend. mom still breathing. peacefully resting. no movements other than chest rising and falling inconsistently. still letting sunlight in as sunset looks like a bright one.

5:07pm Dad is prepping for the new desk moana and rick are bringing over. Please send your thoughts to be added to the bottom of the site. looking for blood relationship responses. So get on it! Thanks Sandra Gr. for kicking it off!

4:42pm Vel is leaving and will be back soon. Mom remains sleeping laying on her back, slightly raised up. She is breathing with her mouth wide open. Her oxygen tubes in her nose. Breathing softly. Dad is cleaning up the back room. Vel is cleaning bathroom before she leaves. I'm here waiting for Eki or Patrick to show up. Need some more blood here with dad.

4:25pm PST.. mom's still asleep. Vel is here. The site has a slide show from Sandy Gr. Thanks Sandra. You make your Uncle Chris Happy! :D If you have pictures of mom, send me the pics and I'll route them to her. Dad is listening to music with Vel and I'm here about ready to leave and probably come back later tonight. I have work up in OC for a bit tonight.

8:30am PST - 1st time I called dad and he sounded low and immediately requested me to be over. I hurried over to see mom fighting to breath and with mouth open in pain that she cannot communicate outwardly. We worked on getting her medicated more with the oral morphine concoction. Her mouth and tongue have pretty much dried up and it appears she can't swallow easily. Giving her something to drink ended up in her lungs and she continued gasping for air. Finally several doses went down and as of this moment, she's sleeping quietly. Dad is outside working out. I'm here on his laptop that I hooked up near mom to keep an eye on her as I do other things. Afa and Bernie's parents were here this morning. Holly and Lesley were here this morning too.

Shannon called and whispered something to grandma. Mari called and chatted with me too. Justin came home this morning and saw me fooling with the site.

Letters to Mom
From Sandy Gr,
Grandma was a beautiful woman inside and out. My grandmother was so thoughtful and generous. She was always so giving. She wanted to give to her grandchildren and great-grandchildren everything that she could. I will never forget all of the times we went to Meijer together and we would grocery shop with my mom and we would load of the cart and Grandma would insist on paying for everything when everyone was in Bay City for some family gathering.

One of her favorite places to visit while she was in Michigan was Frankenmuth, especially Bronner's. Grandma always remembered my birthday, but this year was different so I knew something must be wrong. I feel such sadness that I will no longer be able to call her and talk about what's going on with my girls.

I'll never forget the time when she drank some wine and said something along the lines of "I can dance better than all three of you put together" (the three being Marissa, Sarah and me) and I think Eki remembers that too! It was in my mom and dad's kitchen in Bay City. Those were the good old days.

Grandma taught me how to make her famous pistachio cake. She taught me how to make fa a li fu (not sure how to spell that) --taro, onions, and coconut milk. So good! She taught me how to be thoughtful and giving.

Lilly calls her Gigi. She loves Gigi. We all do. We will all miss her greatly when she is gone. I love you Grandma-so very much.

I have a lot more to say, but it's almost 3 am in Michigan, so I should go to bed.

Much love to Grandma, Grandpa, and all of our family. ~~ Sandra Gr.

My heart is very sad, for selfish reasons, knowing that I will never be able to hug or kiss Aunty Pat again. I am just grateful that she no longer has to feel any pain, I just wish I wouldíve spent more time with her. My sister Talya and I were raised in IB by Jimmy and Yvonne Yandall. My childhood was filled with many beautiful memories of constantly hanging out with aunty pat and uncle. The four of them were always together. And Aunty Pat always brought us candy! Aunty Pat had the kindest soul that Iíve ever come into contact with. She was such a gentle and beautiful woman. She was always the first to volunteer her help when it came to anything anyone needed. Many years had passed from me being that little girl she knew, and when I finally had a little girl of my own she was the first to send me a gift. It brings tears to my eyes, I am just so sad to see that our family, as time passes, is starting to loose those who have always held us together. Her beautiful light will be missed and never be forgotten. God Bless you Uncle Eki, and the kids and grandkids.

Aunty Pat, please send my love to my Grandma Telesia, Grandpa Jimmy, Aunty Rita and Granny. You are all missed and loved very much!
Andrea Dawson

Dear Eki Yandall Family,

This comes to you all with heavy hearts from The Yandalls in Tahoe/Reno and Raicharts in Idaho. We send our sympathies and love to you all. Patricia will be greatly missed. She was a blessing to all who knew her.

May the Lord Christ Jesus comfort your minds and souls during this time of grief.

With much Love,
Wendy(Yandall)Raichart for the Yandalls in Tahoe/Reno and Idaho Raicharts

John 10:9 "I am the door;if anyone enters through Me,he will be saved,and will go in and out and find pasture." The Lord Christ Jesus

I just found out about your mother passing away this morning. Please convey my heartfelt condolences to your father and the whole family for your loss. I am at a loss on what to say except that I am glad I got to have met your mother back in 1999 at Tofoiís wedding. I remember her for her kindness and graciousness to me that day. It was just a moment of pleasantries but her beauty inside and out made a long lasting impression on me. I pray the Lordís peace that surpasses all understanding be with everyone today and in the coming days.

With love and blessings,
Virginia Tagaloa

I am deeply saddened by the loss of my samoan tin'a. Growing up in Bay City, she welcomed me into her home and offered me the same she offered her own family. (Though I never tried the boiled bananas until much later!). I am blessed to have known Mrs. Yandall and her extended family, I will always love and miss you Mrs. Yandall! - Kevin Mahoney

Our prayers are with you all during the loss of Patricia. We are able to say that we have met and have known Pat through the internet. Since the year 2000 we have followed the family through the website. We have shared with your laughter and your grief and yet we have not met any of you. Your sorrow, we feel today. Our thoughts are with you all.

Kia Kaha
Moira, and her dad Willie Yandall and family
Auckland, New Zealand.

On behalf of the Kozuch Klan, please accept our deepest sympathy at the loss of Pat. She grace everyone with her warm smile and big hug. I cannot imagine the ride to Dow every morning with the Polish Prince and the Samoan Princess. What a ride !! Speaking of rides, her journey on earth has ended, but her next journey has just begun. Love to you all. Take care, you are in our thoughts. Carol and Butch

Aunty Pat had the ability to make you feel like you were the most important person in the world. Her focus was on you, making sure you were comfortable and fed! Whenever I visited, and you know that wasn't often, she always made me feel so loved and missed. I felt comforted when I was around her, that whatever mistakes I made didn't matter only to learn from them. That comfort gave me the strength to move forward. Her influence, along with my mother, Aunty Mary, Aunty Yvonne, and Granny is what has made me the woman I am today. I will miss her so much!!!

Hello Everyone,
Our Heart felt for aunty Patricia past away. Sorry we counld not make it to aunty's funeral. We know that the Lord is with her now. And we should be happy that she is in a better place. Praise Jesus. Uncle Eki Sir. we love you and your family.


Seigafolava Leonard Yandall's Children, Grandgranchildren & greatchildgchildren.
From Samoa [Mary Pereira]

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